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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Release of 'Eye of the Diamond-T' by Bill LaBrie

   Eye of the Diamond-T
Bill LaBrie

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

ISBN: 0615948782
ISBN 13: 9780615948782

Pages: 241
Word Count: 55,000

Book Description:

The eyes are only one way of seeing. The power of myth lies in ways of seeing that don’t always use the power of sight.

Starting with its explosive first chapter, Eye of the Diamond-T  takes you along on one man’s quest to see with more than his eyes. Nick Pente is the Chicago-born son of a Greek optician and a beautiful, Irish alcoholic. Though he doesn’t remember, a part of his soul was stolen at summer camp in Winnetka in 1937. The “little blackouts” he’s suffered in the years since have shaped his life.  After a hero’s welcome upon his return from Europe after World War Two, his life was turned upside-down. Nick still believes the mysterious Dr. Kultra set him straight. But did he, really? When Nick awakens after a horrendous roadway truck accident in Northern Arizona, he’s in the care of an Indian shaman and his beautiful daughter -- and he’s blind. It’s only through being struck blind that Nick can finally begin to see.

Eye of the Diamond-T has something to delight, disturb, anger, and overjoy almost every reader. It combines the mythologies of old and new Europe and old and new America. It’s a retelling of the Orpheus legend combined with Native American folklore, set against the mythic backdrop of Route 66 in 1957; A starkly honest farewell letter to “The Greatest Generation”; A realistic look at real life in 1950s America, and an indictment of CIA mind-control programs. It’s a love story, a survival saga, a tragedy, a pulp-like crime novel and a comedy all at once. And chances are, the ending will not only make hearts swell, but tears fall.

Start seeing with more than your eyes.

Early Praise for Diamond-T:

“Bill LaBrie has crafted a lyrical hero’s journey, with rich characters and vivid descriptions worthy of Stephen King at his best. Eye of the Diamond T is a magical and thrilling adventure that spans the years and ventures into the depths of human consciousness.”Sean Ellis, author of Fortune Favors
“The plot is excellent as are the sub-plots. The dialogue is engaging, intriguing, and well written.”
“This is one of those novels that is intense, thrilling, beautiful, sad, and gives the reader a great sense of escape into another world. Not all books can pull this off so well, and I really felt a part of the world you’ve created.”
“There are a lot of great turns of phrase that made the excerpts — of them — delightful to read.”

 December 13, 2014
Nick Pente’s life has just crashed.

It’s early dawn in the winter of 1957. He’s hanging from the edge of legendary Route 66 in Arizona. He's suspended over the snow-covered rails below. He shudders behind the steering wheel of his Diamond-T semi-truck -- its enormous engine still humming. The truck dangles by no more than a splinter from an icy railroad bridge. As the Santa Fe Super Chief approaches below, he hears its horn blast. The bridge shakes. Nick breathes, watches, and waits.

He is aware.

Somewhere behind him are those two men in the black Mercury. They had tailed him for his last thousand miles down the main street of America. For what? Why? Nick only knows is that he must not let his self-awareness fade. He must not let his psychological “dead spot” take him down. Not now.

“I am aware. I am Nick Pente. I am aware” he softly repeats, to no one.

The train nears, the truck tips downward, and the timeline explodes. It's only then that the adventure begins. Nick will learn more about the world that betrayed him and his own identity than he ever before imagined. 

This story is zany, humorous, and quite tense at times. It's an homage to all the great road novels and has just the right sort of cliches to set up the unexpected twists. LaBrie's narration flows smoothly and he paints this adventure story like a major motion picture. If you're looking for a madcap tale of adventure that feels like an old school American road novel, pick this one up.

The book begins with a seemingly straightforward, harrowing action scene. A tractor trailer dangles precariously over an icy bridge overlooking railroad tracks. A train approaches, and the disoriented, injured driver wonders if his violent demise approaches with it. But to give a simple plot synopsis does this book a disservice. A much broader story is being told than is contained within the events on the page.

The book flows easily and yet it's also rich with layers of meaning. It's suspenseful, action-filled, witty, and deeply psychological, so I think anyone would really enjoy reading it and get a lot out if it. Plus, the protagonist is really relatable, even for me as a female. Even after finishing, I still find myself thinking about him and his journey.

The greatest strength of the book, in my mind, is the clarity and power of the scenery. The story is unpredictable and I suggest you read it slowly and let the imagery soak into you while you go along for the ride.

Bill is a very strong storyteller and the book stands on its merits.

This book is awesome! It strikes up a very spiritual question that sent me into some seriously introspective moments.

This is a wonderful breakout first novel for Mr. Labrie. The characters are thought out and jump off the page at you. Taking place in the late 1950's you can smell the grease from the french fry vat, and from the guy's hair in the next booth.

I came to regard this story as a recapitulation of a saga, with many more events and characters to be explored. I hope we get more stories from this author!

Softcover and Kindle now available at Amazon

E-books for other e-readers at and wherever fine e-books are sold.

From the very start this story and the style of writing that Bill LaBrie presented to me had me hooked. The tale that he has written is one that takes Nick Pente on a journey of self-discovery.  It starts out with Nick wrecking his truck on an icey road, while he is dangling over a bridge, he is injured and trying to figure out how to get out of his dangerous predicament, when he finds himself being pulled along the ground, what Nick experiences next is going to change his life forever.  We are taken on this adventure that is Nick’s life, as he experiences his present life, healing from his injuries.  He is reflecting on his past and his mistakes and experiences on the road, life on Route 66, living the life of a trucker.  But there is more…  oh so much more…  I was definitely hooked to keep reading because this was a mystery beyond what I am willing to say, I hate spoilers!  But I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Bill has quite the talent for writing I have to say. Wow!!!  That was Great!!!  I loved the ending!!   I am giving this book a 5 of 5 stars.   Way to go Bill!  
Loved it.  

~ Kim ~

Author Bio:

I’m Bill LaBrie.

Every day I wake up and silently thank my mother for wacking me on the back of my head with a broom. She did it to get me to start writing that one day when I was in 4th grade. I hadn’t been able to think of anything to say about the Magna Carta. About ten pages later, I had said whatever I could. I guess that whack still stings a bit. I feel it every time I sit down to write.

Since then I’ve had articles, short stories, poems, interviews, and press releases published, even during my otherwise-largely uncreative career working in technology for enormous corporations. The writing bug became an all-out full-body infection last year, and I committed myself to finishing and publishing Diamond-T.

I’m nearly as flawed as the protagonist in Diamond-T. In my 45 brief years on the planet I’ve worked too much, hated too much, sworn too much, spent too much, moved too much, married too much, despaired too much,  and ridden far too many miles on motorcycles at far too high a speed.  I blame a childhood spent travelling the West with my lounge-musican parents, standing in the backseats of cars as I watched the world zip by. I’ve often let it overwhelm me.

But just like Nick Pente, I’ve recently had an awakening. I’ve come to realize just how essential unconditional love really is. It’s a practical necessity to human life. A certain lack of love early in life has shaped my life just as Nick’s trauma shaped his. My decision to finally write and publish Diamond-T is my tribute to a love once forsaken: My love for storytelling and entertaining an audience, and for risking it all.

I’m a graduate of Thomas More College in Merrimack, New Hampshire. I’m certified in various flavors of UNIX and database systems.  When I’m not putting words on a page I’m raising my son, writing and recording songs, or going on impromptu photo safaris around my neighborhood in central Phoenix, Arizona.

I also serve on the board of Release the Fear, a Phoenix non-profit dedicated to reclaiming troubled young lives through creativity and expression ( 





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